El Dorado High School is excited to announce the AERIES.net Parent/Student Portal for the 2014-15 school year

This resource will be replacing our former ABI resource.

Creating your AERIES.net Portal Account
Current ABI Users: Parents and/or students who previously accessed an ABI account will continue to access your AERIES.net Portal login just as you always accessed ABI – same username, same password, same website address: http://parent.eduhsd.k12.ca.us.

New accounts: To create a new account, please refer to your summer mailing for the access codes needed, and then visit the http://parent.eduhsd.k12.ca.us website, select “Create New Account” and follow the steps.

New - Online Data Confirmation
In addition to a new and updated interface, the AERIES.net Portal allows parents to update emergency contact and other information online. We are also able to provide you many documents you previously would have received via mail online using this resource, including the Annual Parent Notification, Summer Newsletter, Medication in School Forms, and much more.

We are asking that all parents log on to the Parent Portal starting July 14, 2014 to:

  • Review the documents provided
  • Update emergency contact, medical, and other information
  • Print the “Data Confirmation” and “Emergency Card” forms to send with your student on oen of the following dates in exchange for their 2014-15 class schedule:
    • Continuing EDHS Cougars - August 1st between 8-12
    • New EDHS Cougars - August 5th at New Student Orientation


  • The first day of school – Thursday, August 7th for all students unable to come to the above dates

If you are unable to access these forms online, we have two options for you to update your student’s information for this year.

  • A blank emergency card and materials can be picked up in the Counseling Office or sent to you, contact 530-622-3634 ext. 1028 for this option.
  • Computer lab access available during schedule pickup on August 1st and August 5th (during New Student Orientation) for you to login to your account and complete the updates electronically on site.
AERIES.net Parent Portal- Frequently Asked Questions